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What is VB?

Virtue baseball is a recreational boy’s program that was established to further excellence in baseball by glorifying God and bringing together families. In addition to developing baseball skills, we integrate virtues into every aspect of the game. This includes practicing the fundamentals well, engaging families – especially fathers, and creating a positive environment. We are serious about excellence and devote time to teaching our father coaches how to effectively teach the skills of the game in an instructive and affirming manner. We provide regular instruction on the importance of living a holy life through prayer before and after every practice and game. We also give practical advice through weekly father-led “Virtue talks” and careful and loving one-on-one advice and instruction to the boys.

What are virtues?

Virtues are guiding principles in living a high-quality moral life. We strive to develop all the different types of virtues:

  • Theological (faith, hope, love)
  • Cardinal (hinge) – prudence, fortitude, temperance (self-control), courage
  • Yielding – magnanimity and humility

How do families benefit?

Our Virtue Baseball Club not only focuses on faith and the development of our players' baseball skills but strongly encourages our fathers to get involved on their son’s team. Through this unified effort, families benefit from the father’s involvement in sharing in their son’s baseball interest while strengthening their faith through the gift of baseball. Also, we focus on building family community by going to Mass as a family before Saturday morning practices and participating in family picnics following your son’s ball games.

When does registration open and close?

Registration opens on January 1st and closes on March 31st, 2023.

What grade level for the upcoming season do I register my son?

Your son should be registered for the grade level they are currently in, NOT the grade they are going into. Over the years, several families have asked for their sons to "play up" on a team/division ahead of their player's age, typically to help limit the number of teams one family has to juggle during the season. While family-friendliness remains a priority for Virtue Baseball, the Club has observed challenges that this practice presents regarding both player safety and team competitiveness.
Starting in 2023, boys playing in a division outside of their age range must be approved by the Club. Thank you for your understanding of this decision.

Do I pay at the time of registration?

Yes. Registration will not be complete until your payment has been received. Once you have paid, you will receive a confirmation email with your confirmation number included.

How do you take payment?

All registration payments to be paid via Credit Card or ACH transfer from your bank account.

Where does our club practice and play home games?

The Virtue Baseball Club’s practices and games will be played at North Lake School Fields in North Lake which is 7 minutes north of Hartland off State Highway 83. Brooks teams utilize other fields in the Hartland area.

What league will we play in? Who do we play?

The "Land O' Hills League" will be played for Tball thru 5th/6th Grade. 7th/8th Grade will play in a league with other surrounding Lake Country communities making up 10 teams on average. Our High School players will play in the Brooks League that is run thru the YMCA out of Waukesha with approximately the same number of teams.

How many games do we play? How often do we practice?

In concert with our mission and the priorities of God, family, work, and then leisure, the baseball “load” for any week in the season is a maximum of three games and/or practices. All teams will play 10-12 games in the season plus, for 3rd through 8th grade, an end of year tournament.

How long is the season?

The Virtue Baseball season runs May thru July. Most practices start the first week of May and games start at the end of May/beginning of June. Tball and coach pitch teams start mid May and play thru mid-July; 3rd/4th division thru 7th/8th division start first week of May and play thru July. Our Brooks Team(s) (high school) begin practice in June and play thru July.

When are teams formed? When can we expect to be contacted regarding schedules?

Teams will be formed right after the close of registration on March 31st. Parents can expect to be contacted mid April from their son’s respective coach, welcoming them to the team. Included in that email from the coach will be the practice days and times. Game schedules will not be ready until mid-May.

How are teams formed?

Teams will be formed during a meeting with the Club Director and coaches for each grade level. In keeping with our mission, the director and coaches participating in each of these meetings will reach a consensus on the final rosters considering player ability level and family preferences with the goal of balanced talent across all teams at each grade level.

Note: The Club will do its best to structure teams in a fair manner.  Parents are welcome to contact coaches BEFORE the teams are set with any thoughts or specific team requests.  Better still, parents who have a strong interest in who is on your son’s team should consider signing up as a coach.

What does it cost?

  • Tball - $95.00
  • Coach Pitch - $135.00
  • 3rd Grade thru 12th - $185.00

Prices increase $10/player on February 1st and again on March 1st.

Do you offer a scholarship program for those who cannot afford to pay?

If financial hardship exists, we have a scholarship program that is funded through gracious corporate and personal sponsorships. Each scholarship request will be viewed by our Virtue Baseball Leadership Team before applying.

What if our family is not rooted in a Catholic tradition?

You are welcome! We respect the faith traditions of all families and honor Jesus’ call in the Gospel of John (17:21), "that all of them may be one."

What if our family does not have an active faith?

Given that our mission is to "Honor our Lord Jesus Christ," we are very transparent in our faith. We are an apostolate of the Men of Christ movement that operates in the Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee. We seek to live out our faith and do so in every aspect of the program. Given that we are an evangelical group, we will certainly seek to share our love with non-practicing families. We ask all involved families to live in a manner worthy of Christ.

I or my company would like to be a sponsor. How can we do so?

Contact to learn more.